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Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Working hard and making a lot of sacrifices are exhausting. Sometimes you feel like you can hardly lift a finger and it seems like all the bones in your body are gone. It’s a very exhausting feeling. But once all your hard work and sacrifices will pay off, it is very fulfilling. An overwhelming joy that words could not express. Your heart just grows wings and it flies up until it reaches cloud nine.

This is the kind of feeling we feel every graduation. After weeks and months of burning the midnight candle, finally you’ll receive a certificate that proves you have made an achievement, you have reached a milestone. You feel proud and delighted about it. It means a chapter of your life has ended and now you need to make a new one; make another dream, embark on a new adventure, write the next story, and mark a new history.

In Thousand Crane Philippines Inc. (TCP), we have an internship program. As part of the internship program, where interns work in the call center, they also get other benefits like--having a free accommodation (in a hotel just a walking distance to the office and also where you get free use of the gym and the swimming pool), free meals from Monday to Friday, and free English class. It's a very economical way of studying English while doing an internship and also being near to famous beautiful beaches and other tourist destinations in Cebu.

(For more information about the internship program and if you are interested in joining the program, just visit this link:

In TCP, we celebrate graduations to every intern who finishes their internship program. It’s a very special celebration for us because it's a celebration of TRIUMPH. We are happy and proud for the interns who have graduated but we also feel sad to say goodbye. Each one of us in the company shares a lot of memories and builds a strong connection and a relationship, that’s why we always miss them every time they go home to Japan.

On their little and simple graduation ceremony, they applied what they have learned in their English classes by giving a graduation speech in front of everyone. The teachers also give their speeches to the graduating interns. Each one of us exchanges our warm hugs and sweet smiles. As a prize of their hard work, they receive a certificate of completion for their internship program and a souvenir that they can bring back home.

Here are some of the memories of the graduation ceremonies captured that will be remembered forever.

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