Not everything is learned within the four walls of the classroom. We need real experiences in the real world to know the real things in life. For us to be ready, it is common across all countries to have internship as training grounds before diving in the fast-paced, time bound, and demanding lifestyle of the real world.

As of now, Thousand Crane Philippines Inc., offers internship to Japanese people (mostly university students, but is open to anyone) who work in the call center. In exchange of that, they get free meals, free accommodation, and free English lesson. Thousand Crane Philippines Inc., also offers internship to university students in Cebu in fulfillment of their requirements for their graduation. As part of their internship, they do administrative tasks, marketing, finance, human resource pooling, management, and inbound and outbound calls.

Going back to the internship for the Japanese, part of the program is to get free English class. In that area, TCP has skilled teachers who speak near native English accents, who have enough experiences teaching offline and online ESL (English as Secondary Language) classes, and who have undergone trainings to make sure to satisfy every student that they will handle. They do not only teach the basics in English but also the practical uses of it and most especially morals and values. In the Philippines, we always make sure to inculcate morals and values in every lesson that we do. We want to build not only the skills in English communication but also the character.

So if you need ESL lessons or services, we are here to make sure to build a good foundation for your future and your children’s future.






















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