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Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Working hard and making a lot of sacrifices are exhausting. Sometimes you feel like you can hardly lift a finger and it seems like all the bones in your body are gone. It’s a very exhausting feeling. But once all your hard work and sacrifices will pay off, it is very fulfilling. An overwhelming joy that words could not express. Your heart just grows wings and it flies up until it reaches cloud nine.

This is the kind of feeling we feel every graduation. After weeks and months of burning the midnight candle, finally you’ll receive a certificate that proves you have made an achievement, you have reached a milestone. You feel proud and delighted about it. It means a chapter of your life has ended and now you need to make a new one; make another dream, embark on a new adventure, write the next story, and mark a new history.

In Thousand Crane Philippines Inc. (TCP), we have an internship program. As part of the internship program, where interns work in the call center, they also get other benefits like--having a free accommodation (in a hotel just a walking distance to the office and also where you get free use of the gym and the swimming pool), free meals from Monday to Friday, and free English class. It's a very economical way of studying English while doing an internship and also being near to famous beautiful beaches and other tourist destinations in Cebu.

(For more information about the internship program and if you are interested in joining the program, just visit this link:

In TCP, we celebrate graduations to every intern who finishes their internship program. It’s a very special celebration for us because it's a celebration of TRIUMPH. We are happy and proud for the interns who have graduated but we also feel sad to say goodbye. Each one of us in the company shares a lot of memories and builds a strong connection and a relationship, that’s why we always miss them every time they go home to Japan.

On their little and simple graduation ceremony, they applied what they have learned in their English classes by giving a graduation speech in front of everyone. The teachers also give their speeches to the graduating interns. Each one of us exchanges our warm hugs and sweet smiles. As a prize of their hard work, they receive a certificate of completion for their internship program and a souvenir that they can bring back home.

Here are some of the memories of the graduation ceremonies captured that will be remembered forever.

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Updated: Jul 5, 2018

One of the most crucial and vital part of life is the family. In this small society, this is where we build our characters that determine our future. In this small society, this is also where we feel warm and comfortable. Any memory with our families makes our hearts melt. Every time we are with family, it is always the best and the most comfortable time we have. We can just be ourselves without any worries.

Thinking of that, wouldn’t it be great if you work with your family and have the best comfort without any worries?

It would be the greatest!

Except if you are working in a family business, it is unlikely to happen to most of us.

So does it mean this is impossible to attain?

Absolutely not!

If you cannot bring your family in your workplace, just make your workmates your family and the company your home.

We are very lucky in Thousand Crane Philippines to have found a family and a home.

TCP is an up-and-coming company. Since it’s a start-up company, we still have a few staff in a small office. But what’s good about that is we can connect to each other very easily. It is easy to remember all the faces and the names of all the people, and it is easy to have a decent conversation with them. Interaction is fluid.

Because of that, it is not exasperating to regard your workmates as your family.

We always bond every time we get the opportunity. We eat dinner together, drink together, and go on a vacation together.

One of our favorite things to do, especially when the traffic is heavy, is to go out and eat barbecue together. Our shift ends at 5:00 pm, and that’s rush hour. It is very exhausting just to look at it. Time is really wasted when you are caught in a heavy traffic. So to make our time worthwhile, teachers, office staff, call center agents, and sometimes the interns go out together. Our favorite barbecue place is not far from the office and it is called “Barbix.” It is delicious but inexpensive. Even if it’s not payday, we still get to enjoy a sumptuous dinner. We can order chicken, pork, and sausages to name a few. They even have noodles and fruit shakes. So it is a good way to pass the time while waiting for the traffic to subside.

Every Friday, the staff loves to go out to drink. There are a lot bars around the office. From sports bars, to restobars, karaoke, and nightclubs. After a tiring week, we reward ourselves with a bottle of beer, a glass of vodka, or any relaxing drink. A good way to unwind and bond at the same time. Especially if you are new, this is such a good way to connect to your co-workers so easily and quickly. You easily get comfortable with each other. You suddenly feel like it is okay to open up to them. I don’t know with alcohol but it always makes the conversation better and crazier. It always makes meeting with new people easy. You become close friends all of a sudden.

And then on weekends, we love to go on a vacation. Especially the Japanese interns, they love to explore the beauty of Cebu City. They say, the beauty of Cebu is really captivating especially the white sand beaches with the crystal clear and turquoise waters. According to them, it’s really different from the beaches in their hometowns. Our favorite places to visit are the beaches of Mactan, the islands around Olanggo, the beaches and the diving spots of Moalboal, the enchanting waterfalls of Kawasan in Badian, the gentle giants of Oslob, then the serene islands of Camotes, Malapascua, and Bantayan where you meet local people and local beauties not found anywhere in the world. The good thing about Cebu is that it is an easy access to the wonders of nature. The city and the natural attractions are just adjacent to each other.

Everyday is like it’s a team building activity which makes the dynamics of the team fluid. Everyday we are getting closer and warmer. Everyday we are making our family larger and stronger. We always look forward to going to work and meeting our friends, or shall we say, our family at work.

If you ask the employees of TCP, they will surely share to you how at home are they working in the company.

Here are some of their insights:

“I feel at home all the time since this has been my ideal company. When I have some worries and suggestions, everyone values and answers it.” (Julie Balazuela, English Language Component- Teacher)

“I feel comfortably at home here especially when someone requires us to go above and beyond and they are always at your back to support and guide you along the way as you soar high. They would want to make sure that you are well taken-cared of as much as possible as being given the best care and support.” (Rechie Maxilom, Quality Assurance and Training Officer)

“The environment in TCP is so friendly. I always feel welcome and accepted. This company is always open for suggestions and improvements.” (Moiralyn Geraldez, English Language Component- Head Teacher)

TCP is my second home! People who are working here are one of a kind. Our individual differences have never been a hindrance towards our work and personal relationships with each and everyone. They know how to accept and deal with your character and traits without criticism and sarcasm. This company is really far different from other companies. If growth is what you are looking for, TCP will assure you one!” (Richelle Bayona, Human Resource staff)

I feel at home working here in TCP because I see myself growing. As human as I am, I accepted that I have made mistakes, TCP corrected me and allows me to learn from my mistake by not doing it again. I am surrounded with good people who are willing to help me when I am in a wrong path, just like family they will support you all the way.” (Ailine Alesna, English Call Center Department- Team Leader)

I feel very at home in TCP and that’s the ultimate reason why I decided to continue to be part of this company after my 3 months internship ended. I am treated like an immediate family member by everyone. Our CFO Director acts as our second mother. The working environment is really very welcoming, as well as the Japanese nationals who are present in the company are just very kind. At first, I thought I’ll be able to find great friends inside the company. But I was wrong because I found a family.” (Mia Melgar, Administrative Assistant)

If interaction is fluid, teamwork goes naturally with it. If there is teamwork, getting the goals will be effortless.

If you are part of something special, it makes you feel that you are special. The most special feeling that you can get is belonging to a family. Achieving something together with what you consider as a family makes it extra special. We are very grateful to work with our family and to have found a home amidst this viscous world. We are blissful that we are at home!

Who says you can’t have fun while working?

Yes, we can!

Only in TCP.

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